Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What should be Suspense?

Hello traveler of the fear that pass by our hair and makes us feel alive again. Who told you that the horror time should be over? Dad… Mom? They had their time and, unfortunately, they had an immature conclusion about thinking of the end of that time. They thought be too adult to watch or read the fantastic cries and sights of love to the brand new feeling of horror. Do not listen to your mind trying to tell you what to do. Just think… Think.

As promised, I will tell you the difference between the classes of fear´s fiction. The first class we are going to work, briefly, is the order of the suspense. What is suspense? What would be a suspense feeling? Should we follow, exactly, what the name means and delight ourselves on the definition of scary? Everything that makes us cry, or flee from reality by a sudden moment of disgust? We will not credit innocents words to hard and irreverent fateful act.

The work of suspense through the feeling of apprehension to the unknown that other authors tend to adopt to distinguish the literary subgenre. A work of fiction suspense usually rather acknowledge the apprehension as a primary factor to the implementation of that ideal if you plan on it, but what else should draw the attention inside the feeling is the idealization of what cannot be achieved. Not imagine what is going to happen cause us some apprehension, but that is not what makes us susceptible to shock. What take us as nerves disorder precisely the lack of insight of how to act in front of any situation.

Think well, if we found ourselves in a situation with which we knew the deal, there would be no suspense. We would be apprehensive, but the suspense would not take the reins of the situation. Enter, then, the scope of fallible joint force of self-control. The suspense does not make us apprehensive, just with something we do not know, let's also something we do not know how to cope.

In the short story by Stephen King, "The Mist" we can see that the characters do not see fear as the apprehension of what they do not know, because even after knowing the shape of human beings with whom they were dealing, continued with the feeling of suspense not knowing how to act before the situation in which they were. Leaving the exception that I do not claim, in this expression, the story above is a work of suspense, only retreat of its main part a cry to the veracity of the arguments made. First, we are going to analyze the difference between feelings, then, analyze the works and their differences.

So the suspense is not only the seizure caused by unknown and is not a mere scare that we encounter in the terrifying scenes , but the lack of proper support to deal with situations that are dedicated to the collection. Look at something and not knowing how to act is part of being human, that is why the works of the subgenre of suspense still make total success for the shares of those tours with them. The Suspense is caused by the high level of knowledge of what comes next. The seizure is part of the work, but in no case is the cornerstone to its existence.

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